Discover a new way to stay...
Discover a new way to stay...
Discover a new way to stay...

Extended Stays

Planning an extended stay in the Newport, RI area?

Discover the convenience and value of an extended stay at the East Island Reserve Hotel or The Newport Lofts.

Our Lofts and Cottages make a great temporary housing solution for business travelers, military members, prolonged vacationers or people relocating to the area. Whatever your situation is, our accommodations will meet your needs.

All accommodations are fully furnished and feature:

  • Full kitchens

  • Spa like bathrooms

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Laundry machines and separate living areas

  • Pet are welcome in select cottages

Our convenient locations will situate you just minutes away from downtown Newport, Portsmouth, Naval Station Newport, local beaches, historic sites, shops, restaurants and all major highways leading to nearby cities such as Providence and Boston.

The Newport Lofts Rates

Monthly Rates for 1-Bedroom Lofts Starting At: $2750*

Monthly Rates for 2-Bedroom Lofts Starting At: $3250*

Monthly Rates for 3-Bedroom Lofts Starting At: $3500*

East Island Reserve Hotel Rates

Weekly Rates Starting At: $899*

Monthly Rates Starting At: $2500*

*Rates are subject to change at any time. Daily housekeeping is not included.

Please contact our reservations team for pricing and availability by completing the form below or by calling 401-845-9400.
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