Discover a new way to stay...
Discover a new way to stay...
Discover a new way to stay...

Dog Friendly Hotel

We're Dog People

Don't forget Fido when planning your Newport getaway! We're thrilled to offer dog-friendly accommodations for you and your furry family members.

Paws on Pelham is located on Pelham Street, in the heart of Newport's Historic Hill neighborhood. Our location is ideal for exploring all of Newport's dog-welcoming places. Each of our 13 guest rooms feature an en-suite bathroom, king or queen bed(s) for the humans and a whimsical dog bed for your pup.

East Island Reserve Hotel features 12 Dog-Friendly Cottages with 630 square feet of carefully planned interior design and style. Complete with a fully equipped kitchen, your own 'tiny house' can accommodate up to 4 people and a maximum of 2 dogs on 2 levels.

For full dog policies, please visit the terms and conditions for each accommodation.

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