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Discover a new way to stay...
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Best Cocktails In Newport

Dante's Inferno from Stoneacre Garden

With so many amazing bars and restaurants in Newport, we know it can be difficult to decide where to go. We thought of our favorite cocktails and where to find them.

Dante's Inferno | Stoneacre Garden

This spicy margarita includes chili infused tequila, blood orange and strawberry for the perfect blend of spice and fruit. Click here to check out their full menu.

Pink Fizz | The Fifth Element

This refreshing cocktail includes grapefruit vodka, St. Germain, grapefruit juice, a splash cranberry and is topped with bubbles. What more could you want? See the full menu here.

Open Hand Slap | Bar Cino

The name of this cocktail says it all. With Bacardi, Thomas Tew, amaretto, triple sec and hibiscus syrup, this drink packs a punch. See more of their cocktails here.

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